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Our team invests time with each family to learn your story and understand your child’s unique needs and ambitions. Our focus is to help your child hit and surpass their goals.


All Subjects Tutoring: K-12th grade

Groza Learning Center offers your child one-on-one and small group interactive and engaging virtual tutoring. Our program is open to students from Kindergarten through 12th grade, AP classes, Honors, and college-level courses.

When it comes to tutoring and academic advancement, Groza goes far beyond simply finding the correct answer. We seek to enhance, and even entirely reshape how a student thinks about each subject. We work with families to identify learning objectives and hit their goals.

Every student learns differently. At the beginning of our first session, we provide a Learning Style Assessment and teach your child in the way they learn best. We carefully monitor and optimize our Learning Plans as your child advances, giving special attention to the unique learning style, how to effectively engage and inspire your child, and what the individual progress suggests moving forward.

Academic Check-In: Keeping Students On Track

Our educators will check your student school portal to ensure that all the necessary work has been completed. Can’t solve the problem? Can’t explain it to your child? The instructor will answer any of your question(s) to support you and child in subjects you are not fully versatile. For example, many parents can’t help with Common Core math; we can. Use this time to get support with your CC math.

Test Prep: ACT, SAT, AP exams, ISEE, HSPT, SSAT

95% of our students get accepted into the school of their choice.

Getting into the right school can be an incredibly confusing process for the parents who have great ambitions for their child. Groza Learning Center creates a clear path for your child and guides you each step along the way. We have been helping parents and students successfully navigate this journey for over 18 years by providing guidance and putting your fears at ease.

We know that high performance comes when students are inspired, and stress is mitigated. This online course introduces the tricks and strategies necessary to attack each question type and teaches important academic concepts present on the test. We reinforce disciplined work habits and multiple-choice test-taking skills that will benefit students well beyond the test-prep– our course helps kids with their schoolwork too!

  • One-on-one and small group online courses are customized according to the needs of your student.
  • Our Online Test Preparation begins with a practice test to diagnose areas of strength and weakness and determine the initial score performance level. Our detailed score report and test analysis identify which content areas need to be addressed and prioritize the order in which they should be revisited. Next, we research the target score necessary for a competitive application to the desired school(s). We begin prepping accordingly, regularly assessing your student’s progress toward the target score.  We believe this is the most efficient way to do test prep.
  • Online Practice tests and homework are recommended.

Group Online Sessions

Groza Learning Center’s convenient online tutoring programs optimize the learning experience with personalized instruction, easy scheduling, and top-quality tutors – anywhere, at any time! Get together with your classmates for an interactive lesson in math or English or jump online with your friends to tackle SAT, ACT, or ISEE test prep. Tailored instruction.  It’s more fun when you are in a group!

Online Homeschool

Engaging, Live Interactive, Video Lessons for all subjects.

A fully accredited homeschool curriculum that ensures that your child’s hard work is recognized and that it meets your child’s individual academic needs. Our program covers all subjects and grade levels and even has a credit recovery option. The homeschool program that works with your schedule. Our students get exactly what they need, fully customized to their abilities, goals, and learning style.

Edusitters: Virtual Educators

Groza Learning Center Instructors will provide an interactive educational time with your child, such as Interactive Storytime, Reading Comprehension, Nutrition, and Fitness with a professional private trainer, learn new dance moves, and much more. We provide parents an opportunity to concentrate on their in-home work, other children in a household, a few minutes of ME TIME, an important meeting.

These classes are only 20 min long and geared towards PreK- 8th grade students.

Every Child Is Different. Every Situation Is Unique.
We ensure a quality learning experience for every child so they can reach their fullest potential.