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Online, In-Home & In-Center Math Tutoring

Online, In-Home & In-Center Math Tutoring​


Groza Learning Center uses a unique assessment process to determine the specific needs of each student, what they need to learn, and how they learn best. Based on this evaluation, we then design a personalized learning program to teach the various concepts that your child needs to master math concepts and become a confident learner. Our courses are fun, engaging, and built with YOUR child in mind.

Our goal is to inspire your child to achieve their highest academic standards and discover the power of confidence.

We understand that your child is unique and that their academic support should reflect that. Our academic team of experienced and knowledgeable tutors and credentialed teachers recognize and respect neurodiversity in our students and have extensive experience with differentiated instruction.

It is our goal to accommodate various learning differences, including ADD/ADHD, processing and cognitive issues, Asperger’s, Autism, executive functioning deficits, gifted students, students who are behind in the subject, students who want to stay on track with their school work, students in the entertainment industry, student-athletes, homeschool students who need assistance and more. Our goal is always to accommodate each and every child by dynamically adjusting our curriculum and teaching to engage all types of students in the learning process.


After School Tutoring: Class-Specific

Is your student struggling in a specific area or course? Our tutors are ready to help. Groza Learning Center offers course-specific tutoring in the following classes:

• K-8 math classes
• Number Sense
• Multiplications
• Arithmetic
• Pre Algebra
• Algebra I
• Algebra II
• Geometry
• Pre-Calculus (Precalc)

• Math Analysis
• Calculus (Calc)
• Statistics
• AP Calculus AB
• AP Calculus BC
• AP Physics
• AP Statistics (AP Stats)
• College math courses
And more!

If your child’s course is not listed above, contact our office to see if we can match you with the right tutor.

Summer Bridge Program

Is your child falling behind in their school’s Math curriculum? Our summer bridge program will bring your child back to grade level and let them face the new school year with confidence! Our bridge program emphasizes key mathematics skills, including: number sense, interpreting graphs, processing data, and mathematical operations. We shape our instruction to your child’s learning style, goals, and curriculum so that they have exactly the tools they need to succeed.

Got Ahead? Stay Ahead: Math Enrichment ​

If your student is not feeling challenged in their school’s math class with the school’s math curriculum, your child may need an enrichment math course. Get ahead of the learning curve, especially in the lower grades, with Groza Learning Center’s Boost Your Math program. Groza educators make learning enjoyable, fun, engaging, interactive, and relatable while ensuring retention and consistently checking for understanding.

Get Personal 1-on-1 Tutoring From the Best Math Tutors in Your Area.

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