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An Accredited K-12th Grade Homeschool Program

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Flexible, Personalized Private One-on-One Education

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If Traditional School Feels Too Rigid or Confining And Isn't Meeting The Needs Of Your Child, It's Time To Try Something Else with One-to-One Instruction, Small Group Instruction and Customized Scheduling

Learn Anytime

Personalized Private School: Grades K-12

The one-size-fits-all approach of traditional education is not for everyone. If  your goal is to travel the world with your child or your child needs a part-time schooling option or your child is struggling with traditional elementary, middle school or high school, an in-person or virtual homeschooling program can offer an option that sets them up for success, inspiring and empowering them to fall in love with learning again. A program that is build specifically for your student based on their interests, strengths, and learning style. 

Groza Academy’s one-on-one education solution will give your child a new approach to learning. We offer the option of online homeschool program, which can be attended from anywhere in the world, providing freedom to learn while travelling or otherwise unable to attend traditional school. We also offer in-person options in Pacific Palisades for students throughout the Los Angeles area. Our program enables access to one-on-one or small group instruction and customized scheduling, providing options to meet the needs of every student.



Your child will have the freedom to learn at their own pace, enabling them to become more creative problem solvers.



Your child will have the opportunity to develop academic skills by building on their known and preferred learning style.



Your child will have an experience that will enable them to become a confident student, learning anytime anywhere.

IMAGINE a private school just for YOUR child.

Trusted By Parents For Over 19 Years

Accredited Private Homeschool Program

Accredited Private Homeschooling Program

Groza’s home education service and program is a fully accredited private school that ensures your child’s individual academic needs are met, and their hard work is recognized. We offer core classes, foreign languages, entrepreneurship and life skills, and so much more. 

Flexible And Personalized

We strive to create an individualized program that gives your child the best chance at success. Our program is designed to be flexible enough to work with your schedule, accommodating families who travel frequently. Personalized learning is created based on student’s grade-level assessment and a learning style assessment.

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Don't let your child stumble along in the education system. It's Your Turn To Brag About Your Child's Success.

An Alternative to One-Size-Fits-All Education

Every child deserves the best possible environment to achieve academic success, and what this environment looks like differs for each individual. At Groza Academy, we’ve designed our private school program to offer the flexibility you won’t find in other educational environments, allowing us to work with your needs to find the right solution.

With Groza’s program, the school no longer has to follow a one-size-fits-all approach. An experienced team of educators collaborates to give your child’s program incredible value. Choose to privately educate your child on a part-time or full-time basis to reap the unique educational benefits offered by our one-one program:

Don't Settle on Your Child's Learning Experience

Your child’s K-12 years are incredibly important to their academic development and their overall development in life. If traditional education isn’t the right learning environment for your child, our accredited 1:1 homeschool program can offer a solution that sets them up for success. We go above and beyond to understand each student’s needs to provide a flexible environment that facilitates their development. 

Don’t settle for a homeschool program that makes you feel inadequate, unprepared and unequipped to help your child succeed. Instead, get on an accredited homeschooling program.

Give your child the opportunity to explore, grow, and learn. At their own pace. In their comfort zone. With individualized attention. Contact Groza Academy to learn more about homeschooling programs online, in-center, or in-home  throughout the Los Angeles area and see why parents have trusted our private elemetary, middle school and  high school programs for nearly two decades.


What is the meaning of an accredited program or school?

An accredited program or school means that the school has been approved by a recognized accrediting agency. Groza Academy’s Homeschool program is fully accredited private school that ensures your child’s work is recognized and meets his/her/their individual academic needs.

How do homeschool students get into college?

Homeschoolers do NOT need a GED or diploma to apply to college. You just have to declare that their homeschool education meets state laws.

How to Choose the Best Homeschooling Curriculum?

In order to choose the best homeschooling curriculum, below are some points to keep in mind: 

– Determine what kind of learners you are teaching

– Know your child’s learning style and their learning struggles.  If you are not sure, check out our online learning assessment test to see what ways your child learns best

How do we teach a child with learning differences?

Develop their strengths.

Each child is different and the way we learn and understand the world around us is very different. Homeschool parents and 1:1 private homeschooling have the rare opportunity to help their students discover and their develop their learning superpowers. Children who are passionate about dance and robotics can learn their core subjects using dance and robotics as their core focus. Imagine building a dancing robot that you need to program using math, reading and following directions, then writitng a story about this dancing robot. Who knew learning could be so much fun?!

Compensate for weaknesses

Children that have learning disabilities such as dyslexia may have a hard time with reading. Building unique lessons to compensate for the weakness in a form of using sight words instead of phonics is the flexibility of a strong homeschool program. 

Use multi-sensory techniques and have fun

Learning should be fun and engaging. Hands-on activities are always a great way to make learning fun. Creating a volcano that bursts colorful lava is not only a hands-on learning activity, but also one of Science class favorites.  Singing sight words, sand paper letters, shaving cream writting, finger paint fun, and words writing in colorful salt are just a few things that make Language Arts and Math class so much fun.