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Accredited Homeschool

Accredited Homeschool

School is no longer “one size fits all.”

Our private day school provides a customized school experience for our students. We offer a challenging advanced program for students who are developing ahead of the traditional timeline, as well as a deep foundations program for students who have missed skills at the traditional pace.

For students who need to retake, or get ahead with a single class, we offer fully accredited courses recognized by all universities and the NCAA. Students enrolled in public or private schools can enjoy one-to-one instruction with a specialist who also manage course logistics, from enrollment to homework schedule to transcript deadlines and requirements.

Each school day incorporates a mix of review, new lessons, project time, field trips, group work, outdoor adventures, and assessments.

We use a dynamic range of curriculum resources to meet learning objectives and have the flexibility to teach to Common Core Standards. With all students we seek to establish a strong foundational knowledge base, then cultivate higher order thinking skills upon that bedrock.
Full-time students at Groza attend school Monday-Friday from 8am-12noon for a more individualized school experience. The shorter school day also allows for a myriad of new opportunities to pursue special interests like sports, music, acting, writing, church, scouts… you name it.

  • Small group setting
  • Low student teacher ratio; 1:1 is available
  • Adjustable homework load
  • Flexible calendar
  • Student works at own pace
  • Rolling enrollment available
Entrepreneurship and Life Skills

Entrepreneurship and Life Skills

Entrepreneurship education is a game-changer. Critical thinking, creativity, problem the world expects too much and offers too little. At Groza Learning Center, we believe in inspiring children to do extraordinary things. We know that tomorrow’s jobs and economy are going to be created by leaders and entrepreneurs we foster today. Not every child will be an entrepreneur when he or she grows up, but we can inspire every child to have an entrepreneurial spirit: to lead confidently, think critically and creatively, be financially responsible, and understand the value of teamwork. To be entrepreneurial is to be inspired and to be capable of creating opportunities for oneself.

  • Develop the skills necessary to launch your own business (hands-on entrepreneurial experience!)
  • Be empowered with life skills to succeed, regardless of what career path you choose
  • Learn about real businesses – why they succeed or fail
  • Become more confident in their ideas and their abilities
  • Learn the essential life skills to be a productive individual
  • Understand and appreciate our community and the value of Giving Back
Executive Functioning

Executive Functioning

When a student struggles with Executive Functioning, it is common to see s/he struggle with the following:

  • Disorganization
  • Last minute cramming
  • Procrastination
  • Not knowing where to start
  • Transitioning between activities
  • Time management
  • Being scattered
  • Planning

Systematic, clear instruction and strategies are at the heart of Executive Functioning remediation. It is important to model, teach, and test different coping and metacognitive strategies so that the student can adopt new ways of thinking about and doing work. Thorough targeted exercises and real-world implementation of such structure, students begin to build new ways of thinking, habits, and routines that directly impact not only schoolwork, but also day-to-day living.

Study Skills

Study Skills

Organizing, Note-taking, Annotating, Studying…
Study skills are rarely taught in school yet are such a critical component of scholastic success. This program walks kids through the academic process of being a successful student.
We cover topics such as:

  • Using a planner and forecasting
  • How to take notes in class and from books
  • How to make outlines
  • How to study using pictures and mnemonic devices
  • How to make cram sheets (the good kind)
  • How to approach different exam formats (multiple choice, short answer, true/false, and matching)
  • How to write a timed essay
  • How to highlight books (Groza signature method)
  • How to manage time (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • How to identify bad habits and change for the better
Creative Writing

Creative Writing

Writing takes infinite forms, and in this program, we will focus on developing your idea for a story while you choose a format that suits your style. We will brainstorm and outline, develop characters and plot, and try out twists and turns through activities designed to help you create a finished piece of writing.

Tutoring for Athletes

Tutoring for Athletes

Participating in sports while in school is similar to holding down two full-time jobs. Our instructors can give you the time management, organizational, and planning tools you need to reach your full potential.

Reading Program

Reading Program

Reading Fluency (all ages)
We are experts in Lindamood-Bell’s Seeing Stars ® curriculum for reading fluency. We offer a robust solution for students who struggle with issues such as fluency, decoding, and spelling. This program is for students who are struggling to learn how to read or are delayed with their reading ability. We combine the three foundations of reading to improve reading skills: phonemic awareness, instant word recognition, and language meaning. These sessions are chock-full of stimulating exercises and games that make reading fun.

Reading Comprehension Intensive (all ages)
We specialize in Lindamood-Bell’s Visualizing and Verbalizing ® reading comprehension program. This program is for students who don’t seem to comprehend what they have read and/or struggle to think critically about reading material. Our tutors are trained to teach kids the process of making movies in their head while reading, which allows students to 1. Remember details and 2. Be able to think critically and analyze what they’ve read.

Writing Program

Writing Program

Handwriting Help
We are proud to offer the leading, most renowned handwriting program available at Groza. Handwriting Without Tears© is a time-tested program that helps millions of students each year. First, we diagnose specific handwriting issues and then we target what students need to work on. Lessons are developmentally appropriate, include hands-on materials, and incorporate fun activities. Offered for both printing and cursive.

Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics: A Writing Course
In this program your student will understand the basics of the English language so they can use it freely and properly. Although the lessons include basic grammar, they also incorporate engaging writing assignments so your student can implement his/her new skills in a fun way.

Creative Writing
Does your child hate to write? Does s/he dread writing assignments in school? This course is designed to inspire students’ writing so they can enjoy this creative outlet. You will see results in academic writing, too! Each student chooses what they want to write, whether it is a short story, a small screenplay, a poem, or a magazine article. The options are endless (geared toward the interests of each student), and the lessons are fun!

Academic Writing
This program will walk your student through the basics of academic writing. S/he will learn how to properly write a literary analysis, a narrative, and an argumentative essay. The student will leave this course having mastered key concepts such as using quotes and paraphrases, writing opinion and analysis, writing the thesis, and understanding the basic model of the multi-paragraph composition.

Foreign Language

Foreign Language

  • This program is designed to expose younger children to the excitement of foreign languages and cultures. Activities and lessons are a blast and designed to instill a life-long love of foreign languages.
  • Students develop an “ear” for the language and a vocabulary that will empower them with the basics of communicating in real-world situations.
School Interview Prep

School Interview Prep

Once you have narrowed your choices to a select few schools, the final step — for both you and the prep school — is the interview. The interview is a chance for you to shine, to showcase your fit with the school, or explain weaknesses in your academic record. Our Mock School Interview Prep course prepares you to shine during your interview. We prepare you to showcase your fit with the school or explain weaknesses in your academic record.

AP Subject Help

AP Subject Help

Success in AP classes and on AP tests can get your child’s college career off to a head start, granting course credit that saves time and money as well as help your child’s application to rise to the top of the admissions pool. Our experienced instructors help students master the concepts and strategies necessary for success, maximizing test scores, reducing students’ anxiety and setting them up to succeed in college — before they ever get there!

Fast Track Courses

Fast Track Courses

Concurrently enrolled students (students enrolled in another school full time) can get ahead, make-up, or re-take coursework during the school year or summer.

All Fast-Track Courses are fully accredited.

  • Accelerated or alternative way to complete required coursework
  • 1:1 teaching
  • Flexible calendar
  • Student works at own pace
Homework Oasis

Homework Oasis

Between sessions or at the end of their school day, homework happens in our Homework Oasis – a relaxed and comfortable space where students can complete assignments and meet quietly with other youngsters. An Instructor is available to assist if a quick question arises.