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Test Anxiety Program

Private Tutoring can be an educational lifeline for a student. Groza’s in-person and online tutoring services are designed to:


Reinforce Positive Work Habits and Confidence


Encourage Self Directed Learning


Improve Academic Performance


Test anxiety isn’t just inconvenient, it is detrimental to your child’s academic and emotional well-being. Your child may be suffering from academic anxiety if they…

  • Under perform on tests, even when they know the material
  • Become overly critical of themselves when they get a bad grade
  • Allow school stress to affect their
  • enjoyment of extracurricular activities
  • Have trouble sleeping or eating normally as test deadlines approach

If you believe your child struggles with test anxiety, please reach out and see if the Test Anxiety Program is right for them.


Our Neuropsychologist backed Test Anxiety Program helps your student tackle big tests with confidence. Our program is highly individualized, with different tracks depending on your student’s circumstances.

This program covers:

  • Study skills
  • How to calm the body INCLUDING an optional Yoga component that can be added to their course
  • How to ease the mind
  • Learn the strategies and coping skills to eliminate test anxiety

If you would like more information, please reach out to


Students who suffer from test anxiety often have lower grades, poor performance on standardized tests, and unhealthy attitudes about school and learning. Your child needs your help to ensure they are successful and happy, inside academics and out.

Our neuropsychologist-backed Test Anxiety program is the solution your child has been looking for.

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