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How to be Productive Over Winter Break

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Sure, I will get some work done during winter break . . .eventually. It knows when you are sleeping It knows when you’re awake It knows when you are bad or good So be good for goodness sake You better watch out You better not cry You better not pout I’m telling you why Procrastination […]

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Effective Executive Functioning Skills

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What is Executive Functioning? Are you familiar with the term “Executive Functioning”?  Executive Functioning has been described as “the management system of the brain” that accesses information, thinks about solutions, and implements those solutions.  The term may be new to you but there is a high probability that your child is currently struggling with implementing […]

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Get Kids Excited About Writing


  Now more than ever, we rely on our devices to keep us connected. They are the guardians of our emails, text messages, and social media, leaving us little reason to write letters. Will the art of letter writing become a thing of the past? Will our children experience the joy of picking out a […]

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How Can I Tutor My Child Online?


How Can I Tutor My Child Online? That is the question many parents are asking right now. With school campuses closed and turning to online teaching, parents are turning to online tutors to help with the workload. Now, how do you find that fantastic qualified online tutor? Here are a few things to consider in […]

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How Much Is Online Tutoring?

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When it comes to hiring an online tutor, there is a myriad of options, so it should come as no surprise that pricing varies depending on your child’s specific academic needs. Tutoring rates are based on professional experience and qualifications, where you live, and the complexity of the subject matter.  On average, an online tutor […]

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Why Online Tutoring Is The Best!

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The world has changed, and since schooling has now become an online endeavor for the rest of this school year, online tutoring is for sure THE best way to assist your child in finishing out the school year strongly.  Here are just a couple of reasons online tutoring is the way to go in this time and […]

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