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Learn The Benefits Of Homeschooling: Don’t Settle On Your Child’s Learning Experience
25 Aug

Benefits Of Homeschooling to Improve Your Child’s Learning Experience

This past year was unlike any other for many reasons. Many parents found themselves for the first time scrambling to adjust to having children at home and attending school virtually. Suddenly transitioning to school at home was very stressful for parents and students used to instruction outside the home. Furthermore, parents found that, more often than not, the curricula their children received at home were poorly adapted and difficult for children to follow. In fact, the sudden shift to at-home learning in the last year cost some students dearly–these students essentially lost on average five months of learning. 

What if there was a way to turn learning at home into a positive experience? While trying to make poorly designed programs work at home left a sour taste in some parents’ mouths, others who chose programs like Groza Academy saw their children move from surviving to thriving in at-home schooling. Students at Groza Academy benefited from learning in a safe space from a flexible and accredited program. The type of program that Groza Academy offers homeschoolers is entirely different from the haphazard way public schools operated virtually. With Groza Academy, parents have a choice of 1:1 live classes that students can attend in-person or online.

Homeschooling offers so many benefits to students. Homeschooled children can learn at their own pace. Studies show that many homeschool students consistently score above their public school peers on standardized testing. Often parents find their students are struggling in public school, only to see the same students excel academically with an organized homeschool program–and that academic success is more likely to carry them through completion of a college degree.

One big myth that many people believe about homeschooling is that children will lack the social skills needed to succeed beyond the academic realm. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth! Homeschooled children grow up to be adults who are more likely to: 

  • Score higher on indices rating self-esteem and personal security 
  • Have lower rates of anxiety 
  • Vote and volunteer in their communities 
  • Experience more effective and high-quality social interactions 

In studies, homeschool students showed far fewer antisocial traits than students attending public schools. The key is selecting a program that grows and flexes with the student and integrates wraparound academic and social care. During these vital K-12 years, providing the right opportunities can provide students with all the tools they need to succeed no matter what life brings. 

The team at Groza Academy will listen to your story and your goals and work to understand your child’s unique needs. When it comes to your child’s learning experience, you do not have to settle. We know it can be scary to try something new, but we truly believe in providing an educational opportunity that fosters growth and prepares your child for lifelong success. Because we feel so strongly about this, we offer a free Education Plan Consultation. To get your child started on the path to success, call Groza Academy at (310) 454-3731, or text us with questions at (424) 231-5197.