One-on-One Homeschool Program

Our private day school provides a customized school experience for our students. We offer a challenging advanced program for students who are developing ahead of the traditional timeline, as well as a deep foundations program for students who have missed skills at the traditional pace.

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Groza has been the trusted education partner for K-12 students.


A fully accredited homeschool curriculum that ensures that your child’s hard work is recognized and that meets your child’s individual academic needs.


The homeschool program that works with your schedule. Our students get exactly what they need, fully customized to their needs, abilities, goals, and learning style.

A School that schedules around your family.

Over 18 years in education, it’s been thrilling to watch the academic landscape develop and open up to many new innovative avenues to educate students.  More and more, we see parents gravitating towards individualized educational model for their children.  Our private day school, Groza Academy, program creates a customized school experience for students from Kinder to 12th grade.

In one to one and small group settings, Groza Academy is meeting the needs of students and families, by educating students according to their learning styles, interests, and educational goals.

We use a dynamic range of curriculum resources to meet learning objectives and have the flexibility to teach to Common Core Standards. With all students we seek to establish a strong foundational knowledge base, then cultivate higher order thinking skills upon that bedrock.

Full-time students at Groza attend school Monday-Friday from 8am-12noon for a more individualized school experience. The shorter school day also allows for a myriad of new opportunities to pursue special interests like sports, music, acting, writing, church, scouts… you name it.

  • Small group setting
  • Low student teacher ratio; 1:1 is available
  • Adjustable homework load
  • Flexible calendar
  • Student works at own pace
  • Rolling enrollment available

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Experience Our Different Learning Styles.

learning style is an individual’s approach to learning based on strengths, weaknesses, and preferences.  Every child has different learning style. Some students prefer to learn by hearing, some by seeing, others by doing, some by reading and others by asking questions. One thing all students have in common is that they all learn best when they can incorporate items and topics that interest them and have curriculum presented to them in the style that they learn best.  When students know their learning style, then they can study smarter, not harder.

Don’t let your student stumble along in the education system. We empower every student to enjoy learning through engagement and exciting learning experiences. The student who once felt left behind will soon find doors opening that no one would have seen coming.




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