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Groza Young Entrepreneurs Program will provide kids the tools to succeed in life.

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How Is Your Child Learning To Be Resilient?

To survive in a competitive world that demands grit, perseverance, and creativity, your child needs to begin honing their confidence and life skills. The Groza Young Entrepreneurs Program, a summer program for students in grades 4th through 12th, is available both online and in-center in Pacific Palisades and the Los Angeles, CA area.

At Groza Young Entrepreneurs Summer Program, our dedicated educators will inspire your child and empower him/her to unlock the entrepreneur and leader within.

Your child will learn valuable life skills, business skills, financial literacy, marketing, communication, presentation skills, critical thinking, website development, and other necessary skills to thrive in today’s competitive, fast-paced environment. As with all of Groza Learning Center’s educational services, we provide flexibility to ensure your child has access to the education they need. Whether it’s in-person, or in the Los Angeles area, The Groza Young Entrepreneurs Program will give your child the confidence and life skills they need to become a future entrepreneur.

How Is Your Child Learning To Be Resilient? - 1
How Is Your Child Learning To Be Resilient? - 2
How Is Your Child Learning To Be Resilient? - 3

Give Your Child An Entrepreneurial Edge

At Groza Young Entrepreneurs Summer Program, your young entrepreneur will learn the life skills it takes to be a game-changing leader. Each student will:


Gain The Confidence To Pursue Their Passion


Learn How To Go After What They Want And Get It


Become A Creative Decision Maker

100% of our program alumni say that learning how to think like an entrepreneur helped them in school, in business, and in life.


If you can't spell entrepreneur, be one and hire someone who can

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Our summer program focuses on teaching necessary life skills for kids to develop positive traits and skills for success. Our six weeks of activities focus on the following themes:


Week 1 : Failure Is Not An Option


Week 2 : Thinking Outside the Box- Entrepreneurship


Week 3 : Marketing and Communication


Week 4 : Financial Literacy


Week 5 : Ideas in Action- Business Plan


Week 6 : Effective Presentation Skills

“My children come back from the center inspired, happy, motivated, and more determined than ever. We are thrilled to have found such a gem of a place!”

Wendy B.

Inspire Your Child To Go After Their Dreams And Lead With Confidence

Register them for Groza Young Entrepreneurs Program

June 14 - July 30

Reserve your child's spot by registering.
Watch your child grow in confidence.
Help them become the leader they were born to be.
Grow and nurture your child's entrepreneurial spirit. - 2

Grow and nurture your child's entrepreneurial spirit.

Your Child Was Born To Lead. They Just Need To Know How.

At Groza Learning Center, our educators are passionate about inspiring and empowering children to become the best learners, entrepreneurs, and leaders they can be. We work with your child to unlock their fullest potential and leadership ability, teaching them the valuable life skills they need to thrive in the modern world.

Your child was born to lead — Groza Young Entrepreneurs Summer Program will show them how. Contact us today to register for our leadership business camp for kids in Pacific Palisades, or to reserve a spot for online attendance from anywhere in the world. SPACES ARE LIMITED.