Entrepreneurship and Life Skills (K-12)

Entrepreneurship education is a game-changer. Critical thinking, creativity, problem the world expects too much and offers too little. At Groza Learning Center, we believe in inspiring children to do extraordinary things. We know that tomorrow’s jobs and economy are going to be created by leaders and entrepreneurs we foster today. Not every child will be an entrepreneur when he or she grows up, but we can inspire every child to have an entrepreneurial spirit: to lead confidently, think critically and creatively, be financially responsible, and understand the value of teamwork. To be entrepreneurial is to be inspired and to be capable of creating opportunities for oneself.

  • Develop the skills necessary to launch your own business (hands-on entrepreneurial experience!)
  • Be empowered with life skills to succeed, regardless of what career path you choose
  • Learn about real businesses – why they succeed or fail
  • Become more confident in their ideas and their abilities
  • Learn the essential life skills to be a productive individual
  • Understand and appreciate our community and the value of Giving Back
STEM (K-5)

Explore science, technology, engineering and math as we design projects to build together. We will be creating innovative machines to make music using a diverse group of materials. Students will learn about vibrations and waves, and explore unique ways to create harmonious (and discordant!) sounds. No musical background necessary.

Imagineer Program-STEM (K-12)

Become an imagineer as you discover the structural engineering secrets of your favorite theme park rides! Construct your own mini roller coaster as you learn about banked turns, lifts, dips, and dives of coasters. Apply the laws of inertia and momentum in different theme park rides that spin, sway, loop, pull, bounce, and twirl! Explore speed, friction, and motion through roller coaster engineering. Learn how water is used to propel riders up and how gravity pulls riders back down. Use all your new skills to design and build your own mini theme-park!

Mastering Chess (K-5)

Lessons are tailored toward the skills of the children. Whether your child is a beginner, a casual chess player or tournament participant, this exciting summer program will improve every child’s game. Instructor uses a range of teaching tools including demo boards, computer tutorials, worksheets, stories and historic games to keep class time exciting. Each lesson tailored to the ability of the children and incorporates time for practice to play against other students and instructors. Groza Summer Camp is a perfect way to give children a fun week of learning chess while challenging their minds! Tuition includes certificate, chess set and much more.

School Prep Camp (K-1)

Have fun and get ready for Kindergarten or 1st Grade. Enter school with basic academic and social skills. We offer unique, fun, play-based and academically oriented camp where children will learn literacy and math fundamentals, hands-on science experiments, creative storytelling and writing, art, and music.

Public Speaking (6-12)

Growing as Individuals: Each child joins us with a different level of comfort and ability in their public speaking and debate skills. We focus on simple delivery activities that produce great results for all children regardless of their starting point.
Practice makes Perfect: Our children start speaking early and often throughout their week with us. We reinforce the areas we are working on each day to gradually add more and more to our speaking toolkits. Becoming a confident public speaker and debater means trying out a new role and putting one’s self “out there” in a new way. With new found confidence, Groza Learning Center campers leave the week ready to take on the world!

Creative Writing (6-12)

Writing takes infinite forms, and in this class we will focus on developing your idea for a story while you choose a format that suits your style. Working with peers, we will brainstorm and outline, develop characters and plot, and try out twists and turns through activities designed to help you create a finished piece of writing.

Careers (6-8)

What do you imagine you will do in the future? There are millions of ways to share your talent with the world, and we will explore them together. You will learn about the careers you imagine, and get a sense of what your ideal job will be. We will use assessment tools to help you identify your strengths and possible career opportunities, and we will outline what it takes to get there.

Colleges and Careers (9-12)

Find out what your dream job is really like as we explore the colleges and career paths you have been working toward. We will use assessment tools to help you understand your strengths, and develop a plan to get you where you want to go. Spend this week breaking down the specific steps you need to achieve your goals, and considering the path you will take toward your future.

Reading and Theater (K-5)

Join our casual acting troupe as we read, rehearse, and perform plays. Each day we will tackle a new story, ending with a highly improvised theatrical extravaganza. Prepare to use a lot of imagination as we work together to prepare costumes and sets, and as we learn (and forget) our lines. Our only goal is to entertain ourselves, and our performances won’t be public.


Test Prep
  • ACT Prep
  • SAT Prep
  • PSAT Prep
  • HSPT Prep
  • ISEE Prep
Bridge Academics from
One School Year to the Next
  • Jump Start Courses (elementary-middle school)
Reading Intervention
  • Handwriting Help (all ages)
  • Reading Fluency (all ages)
  • Reading Comprehension Intensive (all ages)
Summer School – Course
Recovery and Credit
  • Fast-Track Courses (all ages)
  • Math for the Unchallenged Child (all ages)
  • Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics: A Writing Course (all ages)
  • Creative Writing (all ages)
  • Academic Writing (all ages)
Study Skills
  • Study Skills (all ages)
Foreign Language
  • French and Spanish Bridge (grades 5-12)
  • Early French and Spanish Exposure (elementary ages)
  • Math Pre-Teaching (all ages)
  • Math Bridge (all ages)
Reading Comprehension
  • All ages

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